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Interactive Irregular Rotating Cat Toy



  • Automatic cat toy
  • Colorful LED Wheel
  • Automatic 360° direction change
  • Automatically sense obstacles
  • Automatic program – runs 10min every 1.5h
  • Strong battery (USB Charging)
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The World’s Most Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

360° Degree Self Rotating Robot With Build-in Spinning Led Light

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Automatic Car Cat Teaser Toy – consume the cat’s excess energy and prevent the cat from damaging the home.


  1. Avoid the obstacles automatically
  2. LED colorful wheel
  3. Multi-track irregular running
  4. Two-wheel separated drive
  5. USB charging
  6. Teasing cat intelligently

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Irregular running, automatic steering

Multi-track irregular running, increase your cat’s activity.

cat chaser toy

Teasing cat – The smart way

Work 10 minutes every 1.5h. Your cat will never be alone.

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cat robot toy

Built-in rechargeable battery

Charge with USB. The toy can last 3-4 h working after a full charge for 2 hours or 8h in default mode (10min ON & 1.5 h OFF).

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Two motors, drive independently

Independently, infinitely variable speeds, implement multiple motion trajectories and powerful torque.

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Induction to the obstacles automatically

The toy avoids the obstacles automatically once it scans the obstacles.

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  • Senses obstacles automatically - built-in high-tech sensor senses the obstacles and will automatically change direction, no need to worry
  • Irregular running with LED color wheel, that attracts your cat. Even when you are not home - a self-running cat toy will keep your pet busy and get them up and moving. The toy will run for 10 min every 1.5h
  • USB cable is provided to charge the toy. The toy can be fully charged in 2h
  • Giant tires - this will allow the toy to climb over obstacles
  • Strong motor - there are 2 built-in motors that are running independently and allow the toy to rotate 360 degrees
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