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Every cat owner will admit that one of the messiest jobs of cat care is choosing the right kind of litter for your pet. Like they are with food, cats are picky when it comes to litter. And with the different options available in the market today, choosing the best kind can get confusing.

You can always go for the obvious choices like ordinary clay or clumping litter, or you can make cat sanitation a whole lot easier and odor-free by using All-Absorb Cat Litter Pads.

The All-Absorb Cat Litter Pads are a safe and healthy alternative to ordinary cat litter, relieving you of the dreaded task of constantly scooping up messy litter. They basically work in the same way as a normal diaper: they absorb and lock in cat urine by turning it into gel instantly.

Cat owners worldwide are raving about how the All-Absorb Cat Litter Pads have made their lives easier and with these features, it’s not hard to see why.

All-Absorb Cat Litter Pads Features

1. Super Absorbent Core

Because of its super absorbent core, each pad is able to hold up to three cups of urine, making them last for as long as one week for a single cat. It turns urine into gel almost instantly so that your cats never have to feel the discomfort of using a wet litter box.

2. Safe and Healthy Materials

Many cat litters on the market contain chemicals that result to health problems in your cats, especially when they get into their eyes, mouth or ears. The All-Absorb Cat Litter Pads eliminate the constant danger of your cat ingesting inedible litter pellets and reduce the chances of respiratory illness which result from inhaling dusty litter sand. Each pad is designed specifically for your cat’s health needs by being made up of the following materials: super absorbent polymer, fluff pulp, PE film, paper tissue and non-woven cloths.

3. Comfortable Pad Surface

A cat’s preference depends on many factors. But whatever the breed, there is one thing we know for sure: cats love all things smooth and soft. This is why the All-Absorb Cat Litter Pads are the perfect fit for all your feline friends. The pad’s surface offers maximum comfort without compromising any of its absorbent features.


  • Maximum Odor Control – Each pad contains a powerful odor neutralizer that locks in and eliminates odor for up to one week for a single cat or for 3-4 days for multiple cats.
  • Economical – They are very affordable and cheaper than most brands and varieties on the market, but still give your cat the best standard of sanitary care. Cheaper but just as good as its more expensive counterparts.
  • Quick Drying – Your cat will never have to worry about uncomfortable wetness on the pad, making their trip to the restroom hassle-free.


  • Thinner than Most Pads – Because they are lightweight, the pads are thinner and flimsier compared to other brands.
  • Prone to Leakage – Unlike most pads that spread out the urine through the whole surface, these pads concentrate it into one single spot. This particular feature makes it prone to leakage, especially when not changed regularly.
  • Not Great for Travelling – They are not advisable for long travels, as lying on the pad for long periods of time could cause irritation for pets with sensitive skin.

Who is It Good For?

Any pet owner who wants to experience a change in cat care and sanitation while at the same time saving a considerable amount of money, should try this as an alternative to ordinary litter brands. Keep in mind though that since it is offered primarily as a temporary solution, it is not for perpetual or long-term use.

If you own a Tidy Cats Litter Box, these pads are a great alternative option. It’s cheaper but works just as good as Tidy Cats’ pads. If you’re cleaning out your litter box, you can use these pads on on their own – where your cat can pee or poo directly on the pad.

The Bottom Line

It is always advisable to switch up your litter brands to better understand your cats preferences and the All-Absorb Cat Litter Pads are an affordable and safe alternative. They offer a simple, easy and affordable solution to rid you and your cat of messy litter problems, and are versatile enough to use whichever your please -on their own or with a litter box.

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