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There’s much buzz about the health benefits of CBD oil. From helping to alleviate anxiety and depression to helping ease symptoms of cancer, CBD oil has become a popular form of alternative medication for the many who suffer from mild to severe chronic and acute ailments and conditions.

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But have you heard of CBD oil for cats? Many cat owners are starting to give their beloved feline friends CBD oil to provide relief for a variety of ailments and diseases such as cat arthritis and common respiratory conditions.

But is it safe? And how does CBD actually help cats? And should you give it to your cat? Before we dig deeper into what CBD oil can do for your kitty, let’s begin by discussing what it is in the first place.

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. It is a tiny molecule extracted from the Cannabis plant. Most people might be wary of giving their cats CBD because of its association with the recreational drug, or in other words, marijuana, and its psychoactive effects.

While Cannabis does have psychoactive effects, a product can only be called CBD or Cannabidiol when it contains less than 0.3% THC. THC, or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive component of Cannabis which causes psychoactive effects or the feeling of being “high.”

CBD, therefore, does not cause any psychoactive effects on the body, nor to your cat. It does, however, contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties that bring about the long list of health benefits CBD provides.

CBD Oil contains cannabidiol mixed with oil in the same way as essential oils are manufactured.

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

Unfortunately, there has been no reported clinical studies proving the beneficial effects of CBD on cats. Since pet owners have only started to give their cats CBD as an alternative form of medicine, scientific studies have been lacking or nonexistent.

However, from the thousands of pet owners who’ve given CBD to their cats, the only side effects that have been reported are increased appetite. If your kitty is obese or has problems with losing weight, then maybe CBD is not such a great idea for your pet cat.

It is also safe to say that before you give anything to your cat, though, a consultation with a veterinarian is highly ideal. Cats that are allergic to grass may not take CBD so well since it is marijuana plant-derived. It would be important to take these things into consideration before you give anything to your pet cat.


How to Give CBD to Your Cat?

You can choose between two types of CBD products to give to your cat:

1. CBD Oil

This is the most common CBD product used for humans and cats. CBD oil is readily available in the market and they usually come with a dropper where you apply drops of the oil under your cat’s tongue for fast absorption.

2. CBD Capsules

Because cats are more likely to put up a fight when being force-fed medication, they might not take it very well when you try to apply the oil under their tongue.

If you believe you’ll find it difficult to administer CBD oil to your cat, then maybe CBD capsules will be a better option.

However, very few companies offer CBD capsules and it might take you a while to find the right one in the market.

What are the CBD Benefits on Your Cat?

According to The World Health Organization, CBD is beneficial in providing the following benefits to humans:

  • relieve symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
  • relieve symptoms of Huntington’s Disease
  • relieve symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
  • relieve symptoms of pain
  • decrease anxiety
  • decrease nausea
  • relieve symptoms of cancer
  • decrease pain associated with arthritis

While these benefits are derived from clinical studies involving humans, many believe the very same benefits are enjoyed by cats when they receive CBD in their systems.

According to many pet owners of dogs and cats who use CBD on their pets, CBD is said to provide the following benefits:

  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce pain associated with arthritis
  • help with diabetes
  • reduce nausea and vomiting
  • help with chronic pain
  • help reduce instances of seizures
  • help reduce asthma attacks by reducing inflammation in the upper respiratory tract

CBD is also said to help with the common ailment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in cats. This disease causes diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss in cats. Since CBD reduced inflammation, it helps alleviate such symptoms by reducing swelling in the digestive tract.

CBD is also known to help cats that suffer from pancreatitis, and other ailments caused by inflammation from different parts of the body.

How CBD Works?


  • Lungs
  • Brains
  • Vascular system
  • Muscles
  • GI tract
  • Reproductive organs


  • Skin
  • Spleen
  • Bones
  • Glial Cells

CB1 + CB2

  • Immune system
  • Liver
  • Bone Marrow
  • Pancreas
  • Brainstem 

CBD works by entering the body and interacting with the endocannabinoid system or also known as ECS. The ECS has two kinds of receptors CB1 and CB2. The ECS manages all kinds of physiological processes in the human body, from memory to emotions, to pain and inflammation.

Surprisingly, ECS is also present in dogs and cats. In fact, all mammals have ECS, and it’s the very same ECS present in humans. Thus, the effects of CBD on humans are the very same effects on cats as well.

This means that CBD works for humans in the same way as it does on cats. The only difference is the administration and dosage. Dosage should be lesser for cats since they are smaller than humans.

How to Choose the Best CBD Products for Cats?

CBD products are aplenty in the market today because of their rising popularity. If this would be your first time to buy a CBD medication or supplement for your kitty, then you need to take a few factors into consideration when you look for the best CBD product for your cat.

Here are things to consider when choosing the best CBD product:

1. Concentration

There are many CBD products in the market today and because there are currently no regulations imposed in the industry, the amount of CBD in product matters. And this is why concentration is highly important. Lesser quality products may not contain the proper amount of concentration to be effective.

Concentration ranges between 100mg to 5000mg and first-time users should start with the lower concentrations for trivial to mild pains and issues. However, a consultation with your cat’s veterinarian is key to choosing the best concentration for your cat’s ailments or disease.

2. Guaranteed Analysis

Though there are no standard regulations yet, the manufacturer must ensure that their products have been tested and chemicals or ingredients have been analyzed.

3. Extraction Methods

All-natural products are best when it comes to choosing the best CBD product for your cat. To ensure they’re safe and effective, proper extraction methods must be in place. Some manufacturers may use chemicals in their extraction process and residue from these chemicals may still be in place in the final product.

Did you know? Marijuana that human use is toxic to cats because THC (tetrahydrochloride) and CBD (cannabidiol) compound found in marijuana interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body. So, make sure you are using CBD products that are made for pets with 0%-0.5% THC. Like the one reviewed on this page. 

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King Kalm CBD Dosing Chart for Pets – Less Than 0.3% THC

One of the most celebrated CBD products for pets in the market is King Kanine’s King Kalm CBD Oil. The company was only established in 2015 but since then, they’ve been featured in countless publications such as High Times, Pet Business Magazine, and ABC News among many others. They also received the Golden Paw Award from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals in 2017, and the Pet Business 2018 winner for Best CBD Products.

Committed to provide the highest quality all-natural CBD products for pets in the industry, all of their products are organic, and produced from 100% hemp-derived CBD in GMP-certified facilities in the US.

Devoted to improving the quality of life of all pets, their CBD is extracted from hemp plants and are suspended in Antarctic Krill Oil for maximum potency.

The Bottom Line

It is our responsibility as cat owners to make our pet kitty’s life as comfortable and as happy as possible. When they suffer from either acute or chronic ailments, not only do they suffer, we suffer with them as well.

While medication may relieve their symptoms, alternative options, especially in the form of natural alternative medicine, may be a better and safer choice for many pet owners.

CBD or hemp oil is one of the most popular alternative forms of medication in the market today and although there are no actual scientific studies that prove their medicinal benefits, talking to your cat’s veterinarian about using it on your pet may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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