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Darwin’s Natural Pet Products — aptly named after the naturalist and evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin, this company aims to revolutionize the way we feed our pets. One of its main goals is to introduce our furry buddies to healthy, organic foods that will be both delicious and nutritious.

Darwin’s team prides itself on its insistence on following the latest trends science has to offer, as well as on being at the forefront when it comes to diet and supplement research. You can count on all Darwin’s products to be minimally processed, gluten- and grain-free, as well as 100% organic, so rest assured that your pet is going to feast like a noble.

Darwin’s food packages are carefully prepared to meet the specific needs of your cat, and they are shipped frozen.

If you are unsure what kind of food would be optimal for your pet, take a gander at the company’s official website: there is a calculator (and a quiz!) that will help you out. Simply select the parameters — age, activity level, weight, etc. — and voila!

Darwin’s even offers programmed purchasing, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to place more orders. All meals will be sent as requested, immediately, right to your home!

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How Darwin’s Works

Simply Brilliant

darwins natural pet food

1. Craft

We take fresh, all-natural ingredients to craft your pet’s meals
darwins natural cat food

2. Choose

You choose your subscription, customizing varieties and order size
darwins raw food

3. Deliver

We deliver your pet’s raw meals right to your door
darwins raw pet food

4. Defrost

You defrost the day’s meals in the provided thaw tub in your refrigerator
natural pet products

5. Enjoy

Serve it up in a non-porous pet bowl for your healthier, happier pet

What Is Raw Cat Food? What Are the Benefits?

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To keep the long story short: raw food is essentially everything you eat in its natural state. That means no cooking, boiling, frying, or whatever. When talking about people, a raw diet is pretty much limited to veganism most of the time. Sure, some folks like to eat raw meat, but you get the point. However, animals munch on, well, everything: organ meat, muscle meat, bones — you name it.

So, raw food is unrefined, unpasteurized, and not at all processed. And it should go without mentioning that it’s never been in contact with any chemicals or pesticides! But as we’ve said, the most key thing here is that raw food is never exposed to high temperatures. That would kill a lot of the essential nutrients that are often replaced by additives to make your dime-a-dozen pet food last longer on the shelf. Yikes!

Sure, it does sound nice when you see a can that promises to last for months but knows that there are a lot of synthetic preservatives responsible for that. If you want proper food for your kitty, something that without a doubt meets all the guidelines and regulations of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), then look no further than Darwin’s!

Inspired by Nature, Informed by Science

Top-quality ingredients

Top-quality ingredients, consciously sourced from farms we trust

darwins natural pet products
Recipes formulated under the guidance of veterinary nutritionists to fit your pet’s ancestral diet
natural pet supplies
Minimally processed meals to preserve the bioavailability of vital nutrients

Why Your Cat Needs Raw Food

Cats in their natural environment are predators. They like to hunt for leisure and for food. Their innate stealth-like behaviors can still be observed in the modern house cat. Our need to feed is such an important aspect of life and what we eat has a direct impact on our survival. Experts believe that a raw food diet connects your pet back to its basic instinct and, so, is the absolute best way to ensure the optimal pet health of your furry friends.

For over 15 years, they’ve served 25 million fresh, raw meals to dogs and cats across the country.

What Does a Raw Cat Food Diet Involve?

Cats are carnivores, meat-eating creatures. Their systems have very limited capabilities of properly digesting carbohydrates. Some might be surprised to learn that the feline diet should compromise only meat.

There is almost no need to feed your kitty fruits or vegetables. If it has been raised on traditional canned or bagged food, it might take some time for its body to adjust to the change. Take some time to learn about which path is the best for your pet’s individual needs and the most effective way to make this lifestyle transition.

Here are some benefits you can look forward to:


  • Healthier skin and shinier coat
  • A reduction in allergies and reactions to adverse foods
  • Stronger teeth, healthier gums, and better breath
  • Reduced litter-box smell
  • Weight control
  • Increased energy
  • Better mood
  • Healthier urinary tract
Darwins Natural Selections Table
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Darwin’s Raw Cat Food Options

There are obviously many choices when it comes to raw cat food. But, they can all be put into two broad categories:

Darwins Natural Selections

Natural Selections

These premium meals are made from pasture-raised, free-roaming, 100% real meat. They contain no fillers, antibiotics, or grains and no added antibiotics, steroids, or artificial hormones.

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Darwins Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design

These are specialized recipes similar to the Natural Selection option, except they are specifically developed by veterinarians. Balanced ancestral-inspired foods using cage-free meat with no added hormones and bioavailable nutrients. The only available formula, at the moment, is for the treatment of feline kidney disease. These meals require a prescription and approval from your animal doctor.

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Minimally processed, fresh, raw pet food.

How Much Do I Feed My Cat?

The right amount to feed your cat all depends on its size, weight, and activity levels. A typical adult cat can usually survive on one meal pouch, approximately every two days (about 4–6 ounces a day). Each meal package is about 2 lbs. Remember that raw meals lack preservatives. Once unfrozen, it cannot be left out at room temperature for more than 20 minutes. Try to note how much ration your pet consumes to avoid waste.

How Much Does Raw Feeding Cost?

Although Darwin’s seeks to make raw food available at lower prices, this kind of diet for cats is more expensive than what most pet owners opt for. So, keep in mind that this option is not really about saving money. But, you cannot really put a price on a good, balanced diet, so you should know that you will get your money’s worth every time.

The Consideration of Raw Food

Remember: raw food means no cooking. And no cooking means no way to kill harmful bacteria in the food you are preparing. That means there is a small risk of consuming something you really don’t want to consume when eating raw food. But, some researchers claim that the chances of that happening are the same as when you eat canned food. So, good hygiene and common-sense safety measures should keep you and your pet safe. Wash your hands before handling food and use clean dishes, and that should be more than enough.

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The Proteins and Pricing

Proteins are a key part of an animal’s menu. Integral for a number of developmental functions such as tissue recovery and building muscles, proteins are found in various foods but are usually consumed when we eat meat — and Darwin’s cat food is made up of 100% meat!


An excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, including phosphorus and potassium for growing strong bones. Chicken also contains tryptophan, an amino acid that is associated with uplifting the mood for happier kitties.


Lean meat, rich in selenium and minerals, help to regulate blood pressure, boost the immune system, and facilitate the processes of healing.


Loaded with healthy unsaturated fats, iron, and vitamin E, this protein source is a delicious alternative for cats with allergies or intolerances to other traditional red meats.

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Cats are known to be fickle creatures, so if your friend seems picky or hesitant with the new diet, take your time to avoid digestive issues. On Darwin’s site, you can read the guide that explains the process. It is recommended to allow a ten-day period to allow a cat to adjust to the new plan while you mix a percentage of the ancestral-based food with its conventional meal, day-by-day meals until it is all composed of raw food.

You might want to lightly heat the food for especially picky, elderly, or very young transitioning cats to enhance the aroma and acclimate their tongues to the texture. This should be successful for most but bear in mind that, like people, all animals are unique and may take some more or less time than others. The key is to be patient, stay observant, and remain consistent. Soon, raw food will become the definition of cat treats!

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