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Modern cat furniture that both cats and humans will love.
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tuft paw milo cat tree

Milo – Jungle Gym for Cats

Rifiuti – Modern Furniture

MiaCara Torre – Cat Tower

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The Modern Litter Box

It’s no surprise that as cat owners, we want the best for our feline friends. We want to give them the proper little box, cat bed, and toys to make them happy and healthy, but sometimes, these cat accessories and necessities aren’t always the prettiest things on the block.

Tuft + Paw is a game changer in the world of cat furniture. Just one look at one product from their carefully curated collections and you’ll understand why they’re making such a big rave in the market today.

Offering high-end, aesthetically-pleasing cat furniture that blends well in any modern home, Tuft + Paw is a cut above the rest.

Modern Furniture For Cats

What is Tuft & Paw?

Tuft & Paw is a cat furniture brand based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They have been in business since 2016 and they specialize in bringing together the most innovative, contemporary, and functional cat furniture from all over the world and bringing them together under one virtual platform.

Among the brands you’ll find on their catalogue include Germany-based MiaCara, and London-based Cheshire & Wain.

Aside from offering a broad range of products for cats from all over the world, they also incorporate sustainability and compassion in everything they do. As cat lovers themselves, they wanted to offer modern cat furniture manufactured by companies using sustainable materials that are good for the environment, as well as support animal welfare in any way they can.

More than just collecting the best products from around the world, Tuft and Paw also works with product engineers, designers, and cat behaviorists to help them choose only the highest quality and the top-performing cat products there are.

Tuft + Paw may have only been in the market for a few years but their name has been synonymous with top quality, high-end, and chic cat furniture that work.

Modern cat furniture that both cats and humans will love.

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The Product Categories

Tuft + Paw offers 6 categories: Sleep, Climb, Scratch, Play, Litter, and Accessories. Let’s take a look at each one:

1. Sleep

The brand offers unique cat beds in different sizes and designs. Cat beds are a sanctuary for your feline friends and they need to be cozy, comfortable, but they also blend well with the rest of your furniture at home.

The MiaCara Mio is one of the brand’s most beautiful beds, made of classic rattan design with a foam cushion that provides comfort for your cat. When your cat doesn’t use it, it looks just like any beautiful rattan basket and its earthy style adds a rustic look to any space.

The Cave cat bed is another unique offering from Tuft + Paw. It looks like a big egg placed on the floor, with a small opening where your cat can enter and exit. It provides an enclosed space with soft bedding, made of 100% wool and comes in a grey color that perfectly blends with neutral furniture in your home.

2. Climb

Cats love to climb and these discreet cat trees are perfect to stimulate your cat’s natural climbing instinct. Some of their products serve as a jungle gym, a lookout perch, or a simple lounge bed.

The MiaCara Torre is a tower that looks like a wooden lamp post. It features a scratching panel and resting perch on the top. Its sleek design perfectly fits in your living room or bedroom.

The Gatto Pertica is a discreet bench/loft space that you can install to a wall and your cat can easily climb and rest on its cushioned bench.

Modern Furniture For Cats

3. Scratch

There are many reasons why cats love to scratch furniture. They scratch to mark their territory or to remove dead skin on their paws. Whatever reason they may have, you know that your furniture can be at the mercy of your cat’s claws when they crave a little scratch or two. With Tuft + Paw’s cat scratching posts, that won’t be a problem anymore.

Their MiaCara Volto is a scratching post that you can hang on a wall, either horizontally or vertically. It comes in a grey color, made of aluminum, and the surface features a texture that your cat would love to scratch for hours on end. The post looks like a simple wall decor that perfectly blends on any wall in your home.

4. Play

The brand also offers cat toys that your cat would absolutely love. With soft toys, your kitty can chew, scratch, bite, and throw these toys around and they won’t break apart. Some of the toys include a soft fish toy, balls made of leather, and other toys to keep your cat busy.

5. Litter

And of course, litter box furniture. The litter box may be your most dreaded cat necessity but with Tuft + Paw’s selection, you’ll be surprised with their range of products that don’t look like pet furniture in the first place.

Take for example the Rifiuti, which has a mid-century aesthetic with its slatted horizontal stripes and classic retro design. It is elevated and looks like a modern, wooden drawer/cabinet. It features a discreetly protected space with a compartment for your cat litter, surrounded with holes for ventilation.

Made of birch plywood with smooth UV coating, this furniture is perfect for anyone who wants their cat’s litter box hidden away.

6. Accessories

Tuft + Paw also offers accessories such as a cat carrier, leather and suede cat collars, lush blankets, and beautiful bowls for feeding.

High-quality accessories made by different high-end brands make an appearance on Tuft + Paw’s catalogue, providing cat owners with more than just modern cat trees or pet furniture at their online shop.

Modern Furniture For Cats

Most Popular Products

Aesthetically Pleasing Cat Furniture

tuft paw milo cat tree

Milo – Jungle Gym for Cats

Rifiuti – Modern Furniture

MiaCara Torre – Cat Tower

tuft and paw cove litterbox

The Modern Litter Box

Our Best Selling Cat Furniture!

The Verdict

Tuft + Paw is a modern brand that offers beautifully curated cat furniture for the stylish cat owner. More than just face value, these products have been carefully studied to ensure that both cat owners and their pets will love using them.

What makes them unique is that these products can stand alone on their own and you won’t even notice that they’re actually a cat tower or a cat bed. The products usually come in neutral colors and made in materials that are sustainable, such as wood, wool, aluminum, leather, and suede. You won’t find any plastic on their collections.

Though they have beautiful and functional pieces, they do, however, come in hefty price tags. If you’re simply looking to provide your cat with basic things, such as a basic bed or litter box, there’s nothing ordinary about Tuft + Paw.

Their products are for the discerning cat owner who wants to integrate their cat into their modern home, done in the chicest, and most stylish way possible.

Modern Furniture For Cats

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