black persian cat


The beautiful Persian cats were first discovered way back in the 16th century and since then these docile beauties have caught the fancy of the pet lovers with their beautiful fur and lovely green eyes.

As the name suggests these cats were first brought to Italy from Persia. Known to have been around since the 17th century, black Persian cats have never got their due and recognition like other members of the Persian family.

Body type

Black Persian cats are of greater heights as compared to other Persian cats. These cats are stout, strong and have a massive built.


There is a considerable variation seen in the coats of black Persian cats. You can find tones of moggie black to the cats whose coats appear like a fine pure black tuxedo.

There is also a lot of inconsistency in the coat fur with some long-haired cats having a rich woollen coat while others have rich long silky hair. There are definitely no dearths of option to select a cat with the coat of your liking.


A good black Persian cat should have a glossy stark black coat and bright orange eyes giving it a sinister look. A perfect black Persian cat shows no bars or bands of different shades even in broad daylight.


Most black Persian cats are larger than the average Persian cats and have a cobby body with lots of long hair.

Average life span

The Average Life Span of Persian cats is 15-18 years.


Black Persian long hair cats are not popular as pets because of their high maintenance as their coat easily turns pale or of a lighter shade with just a little exposure to sunlight.

Also traditionally black cats are considered as an unlucky omen which reduces their appeal. Still, these black Persian cats with shiny eyes are all cat lovers’ delight.

black and white persian cat


Roots of Persian cats can be traced back to the South East Asian country of Iran formerly known as Persia. Black Persian cats first came into existence in the middle 17th century and had been preferred by French and Italian aristocrats for their striking good looks. Black Persian long hair cats are still not popular with pet lovers because of their high maintenance.


Black Persian cats appear to be massive because of their thick shiny coat of long hairs. They have a muscular body and are known for their orange shiny round eyes and small ears.

Traits, personality, and behavior

Like other Persian cats, long hair cats also love to sit on their owner’s lap and are always looking for attention. They get along well with other pets of the family and don’t like to remain outdoors.

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Physical development

Breeders don’t prefer black Persian cats because of the inconsistency in colors seen in the litter. Even black Persian kittens are born with a rusty or brownish colored coat which gradually becomes black after 6-8 months. If you want your black Persian beauty to enter any cat show you have to be certain that its coat doesn’t contain any traces of white.

Looking after

Black Persian long-haired cats require regular cleaning and daily brushing to maintain their glossy coats. Remember not to keep these cats outdoor for long times as that may turn the color of their coat yellowish or grey.

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