Blue Cream Persian Cat


The Blue Cream Persian cats, also known as tabby cats, are believed to be originated from western Asia. However, many reports say that these hairy cats are originated from Iran as a result of point mutation.

Body type

These Blue Cream tabbies often remind you of the tigers with their patterns and fierce blue eyes. We can find those tiger stripes on two sides of the stomach that extends to legs and even tail in the swirling form. This swirl and ring patterns are the key characteristics of Blue Cream Persians. As expected, these patterns change from cat to cat with respect to the breed they belong.


The tiger-like stripes, swirling and ring patterns, and dots are the striking patterns that are visible on these Persian kitten bodies.


The Classic Tabbies with their dark brown, ochre and black patterns are commonly identified breeds. The Silver Tabby, which is a very famous breed of these Blue Cream Persians, tends to have a black and white color combination on its body often with a mackerel or blotched type of pattern.

The distinctive soft and silky silver-colored fur on its body is what made them Silver Tabbies. The uniform patterned tail of them indicates that their origin believed to be ferine.


Generally, Blue Cream tabbies are medium-sized cats.

Average life span

Although the average life span of tabby is around 15 to 20 years, it still depends on the master who owns it and how much he or she cares for his or her pet.

For instance, the tabbies which live in houses of India live a shorter span of life compared to that of houses in US or UK because of minimum resources available for pet’s health care. It’s not just your love; you need thousands of bucks to dump for your pets to ensure their long life.


The mackerel, classic, spotted and ticked are four general patterns we come across while talking about Blue Bream tabby. There is a rare find in this breed of cats with multicolor patches on its body, called ‘torbie’ falls fifth in distinctive tabby patterns with their unique calico pattern.Meanwhile, there are tabbies of many patterns that are visible these days because of the interbreeding that takes place between different species.


The Persian cats believed to be originated in western Asian regions and have an ancient history. Hieroglyphic records state that these cats are named after its county Persia, now known as Iran.However, there are some records that show that these cats belong to Turkey, which is a part of the Persian Empire in olden times. But there are clearly visible differences that could be found between cats from Persia and Turkey are, Persian cats have broader heads, shorter noses, and smaller ears.


With their long and thick coats, wide head and short legs, these Persian tabbies set their own style. These tabbies have an extremely foreshortened muzzle so that it’s common to have a moderate discharge from their tear ducts. The wide located ears and their squashed faces with silky fur made these Blue Cream tabbies so unique and lovable.

Traits, personality, and behavior

They are not as naughty as other breeds and don’t buzz around quickly. These Persian kittens sometimes are elfish, but give their masters so much of love and devotion. These tabbies are known for their ability to adapt to many diverse conditions.

Learn how to take care of a cat!

Physical development

Blue cream tabbies grow their fur very quickly, apart from that there is no specific physical development that can be observed.

Looking after

Persian cat grooming is surely one of the difficult tasks to manage when compared to other breeds of cats. These haired tabbies need lot of grooming every day. These Persian cats molt heavily once in every 6 months. Proper combing required every day with a metal comb to ensure that there won’t be any tangles and trichobezoars.

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