bringing a new cat home

Taking in a cat and introducing it to your home and family can be a lot of work and effort, particularly if the cat or kitten is a rescue pet and may need some time to settle and get acquainted with the rest of the family. Problems can arise if there is already a cat or dog in the home, resulting in signs of aggression, tension, and apprehension.

If you’re very lucky, bringing a new cat or kitten into the home will be no trouble at all, with the feline readily accepting every family member, guest, and other pet with affection. However, more often than not, a new cat may require a transition period to acclimatize from a previous environment.

bringing home a new cat

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There are numerous signs to look out for to identify a cat or kitten with behavioral issues such as hissing, scratching, and wailing. At the end of the scale, they may appear to be frightened, attempting to escape the household or a refusal to eat or urinate.

When these signs come to the surface, many owners feel the best thing is to let time run its course and hope that their cat will settle down, become more affectionate, or come out of its shell. However, the longer the condition is left, the longer the cat will feel alienated.

There are a number of safe and effective treatments available for introducing a cat into the home. The Feliway and Furminator range includes numerous non-prescription choices for both cats and kittens, helping to reduce any tension and aggression.

Both ranges of medication can work out to be inexpensive in comparison to vet prescriptions. By visiting Chewy Pharmacy an informed choice can be made when choosing products to help your troubled cat or kitten feel more at home and relaxed.

How Can I Encourage My New Kitten to Use Its Litter Tray?

litter tray for cats

It is a good idea to place a kitten that is just walking up directly into the tray. Instinct will often take over as it moves its paws around the litter material. Once a kitten has used a tray once, it will instinctively try to ‘over-mark’ its own toilet scents. If a kitten has soiled on the newspaper or litter pads, small amounts of this can be transferred to the tray to create the first ‘marking’ process on its behalf.

Do I really need to offer my kitten an indoor litter box?

cat litter box

A kitten that is house-bound in the early stages will need an indoor litter tray. However, a healthy adult cat that is an active outdoor type will not normally require an ‘indoor toilet’ as most (if not all) its toileting will be performed outside. If you are up for something different you can start using cat diapers until he/she figures out litter box.

Feeding Your Cat The Right Way

feed your cat

You may take care of your cat health and delay your appointments with the vet by following the most recommended diet procedures for your beloved pet. I was ignorant about the nutritional requirements of my cat until it developed certain deficiency syndromes. These developments raised the alarm for my deaf years and I was introduced to various dietetic aspects of these adorable pets.

These pets are required to be fed upon animal issues to endow their bodies with a sufficient amount of protein. Also, the other nutrients must be supplied to them in the form of commended food products. For the necessary information about food products, which must be a part of the cat diet, you must contact animal health experts.

The food requirements of the cat are dependent upon a number of factors like age, taste, smell, body temperatures and so on. For instance, kitten care requires different dietary ingredients than those required for grown-up cat care. You must understand the number of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients required by the cats at different stages of their life-cycle.

Why not try wet food for cats!

Just like humans, bodies of cats are allergic to certain types of food products. Moreover, certain food products may lead to problems like gastric disorders in these pets. So, you need to behave like an informed pet-owner, if you choose to include these pets in the list of your family members.

Is a scratching post really necessary (aka Cat Tree)?

cat tree

It is natural for a cat to scratch an upright object such as a tree in nature, in order to scent mark its territory. Because of this, if you do not have an appropriate target for this behavior you’ll be asking for the cat to be destructive towards walls, doors, door frames, furniture, and furnishings.

Do I Need Special food and water Bowls For My Cat?

cat food water bowl

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It is a good idea to use purpose-made cat bowls that can be identified by the cat, and kept clean and use. It is important that bowls are weighted to prevent them from traveling around the floor when the cat is feeding. Although side plates can be used to offer food to a cat, it is best to use a heavy, but shallow, porcelain or china bowl. Haven’t decided which cat would you like to bring home? Check our list of cat breeds and enjoy your new cat, don’t forget to spend time with her.

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