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The history of Persian Cameo cats is unclear even this day; there are many reports and some expert opinions that direct us in quite away leaving us in bit confusion. The hieroglyphic records show that these cats are believed to be named after their country Persia (Iran). There are some discussions that say these Persian Cameos belong to Turkey which is a part of the Persian Empire at that time. The only few differences between the breeds of Persian cats and Turkic cats are the cats form Persia have broader heads, shorter noses, and smaller ears.

Body type

The show quality Persians have extremely eye-catching aspects included in their body. One of them is their babied faces which play the expressions of an innocent baby. They have short legs, a wide head with ears placed apart and a foreshortened muzzle. It’s quite common that these Persian Cameos discharge moderately from their tear ducts because of their squashed faces.


These Cameo Persian cats have a long and thick coat.


These Persian Cameo tabbies come in a good variety of coat colors. Solid Color, Silver and golden, shaded and smoke Persians, tabby, particolor, bicolor and Himalayan are some common varieties.


The weight of these pets depends up on their bone size. It’s always good to consult a vet to know the healthy weights to be maintained. These normally are heavier in size.

Most common Cat Health Problems!

Average life span

These cats live for around 10 to 18 years


It is the most popular cat breed in the world. It is recognized all over the world and it’s really is a fortunate thing to own a Persian Cameo cat.

cameo persian


These cats are believed to be originated from Persia, which is called Iran presently. These cats were distributed all over the world in older times by the European explorers as they traded these beautiful cats along with precious items like jewels, stones and diamonds. However, some hieroglyphic records show that these cats belong to Turkey.


These cameo cats have long and silky hair. Their eyes are round and are very expressive. These cats are physically well built and strong and are known for their chubby cheeks.

Traits, personality and behavior

These Persian breed cats are famous for their beauty and as well as for their temperament. They are easily adaptable to many conditions and become family friends to their masters in a very quick time.

These cats are very gentle and are very calm of all cat breeds around. They are not buzzy and they are very affable with their smooth nature as they don’t demand anything. These Persian Cameo tabbies are playful, but not as active as some other cats.

Learn how to take care of a cat!

Physical Development

The coat of Persian Cameo kittens is very soft and they grow their coat strong as they grow along.

Looking after

Although they require some big time in grooming, these cats are still popular all over the world. A daily face wash and monthly baths are needed. Hair should be combed daily to prevent tangled hair.

Extra care should be taken to some Persian tabbies because they discharge moisture from their eyes glands. Remember! It’s an indoor pet.

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