how to talk to cats telepathically

How wonderful would it be to be able to know what your cat is thinking? To be able to know whether they’re happy or sad, or whenever they’re feeling under the weather.We love our cats and being able to communicate with them telepathically would be a great gift. But can cats and humans actually communicate telepathically?If yes, can anyone do it? And would you want to know how? Let’s dig deeper into the world of cat telepathy.

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Can Cats Communicate Telepathically?

We all know that cats, dogs, and all animals for that matter communicate with each other beyond the basic barking and meowing. But can they communicate with humans beyond these basic sounds, as well?

According to Tim Link, author and animal communicator, of course, they can. Cats can talk to humans it means that are beyond body language and visible behavior. According to Link, all it takes is quality time and an open mind to foster this amazing ability to form a wordless bond with your feline friend.

Link says that all humans have the capacity to talk to cats telepathically, but not everyone practices it. He likens this skill to a muscle that’s not being used. He says that this telepathic ability to talk to animals is present in all human beings, it’s just that it has remained dormant due to our fears and doubts.Most children, aged 3 to 5 have an instinctive ability to communicate with animals. But as they get older and are exposed to the world, they lose this natural ability and instead, their instincts are replaced with fear, doubts, and their focus shifts into logical thinking. As adults, you might say, “Cats don’t talk.” So when you think you were able to decipher what your cat may have been telling you, your mind automatically tells you, “No, it can’t be. Cat’s don’t talk.” You are no longer open to the possibility that you just might have communicated with your cat telepathically.

  • And so, what are you to do now?
  • How do you revive this childlike ability to be able to understand your cat better?
  • How can you communicate with your cat without having to read her meows, whines, and body language?

How to Harness Your Cat Telepathic Ability

As mentioned, every human being has the capacity to be able to talk to animals telepathically. Whether you’re a cat lover or a dog lover, with practice and an open mind, you can harness your animal telepathic ability.

Here are the tips to reviving your natural cat telepathic ability:

1. Pick a Good Time

Pick a good time to talk your cat. Do not try to communicate with her during mealtime, before mealtime, or if she’s just had a major life change.

Pick a good time such as when you’re watching TV or when you’re cuddling.

 This sets the tone and mood for successful communication.

2. Get Comfortable

Make sure your cat has been fed, she’s relieved herself, and that you’re in a comfortable and safe place. You also need to make sure that you’re relaxed, settled and have no distractions around you.

This will make it easier to communicate with your cat as both of you are comfortable.

3. Use Images Rather Than Words

Cats don’t speak in human language, as they communicate with images and emotions. When you “talk” to them in words, they might not understand.

So send them images or feelings. If they’re in front of you, give them eye contact so they know you want their attention.

4. Be Specific with Your Message

Be as specific as possible with what you want to say. Don’t give them mixed emotions or fuzzy images. Be as specific as possible.For example, you might want to know what your cat thinks of your outfit now. Send them images of your outfit, rather than asking them straight out.

5. Keep It Short

Don’t push it too hard. If your cat is not responding after 15 minutes, let it sit first before nudging your feline friend for an answer.

Cats’ attention spans are short, so when you do chat with her, always keep it under 15 minutes.

6. Be Receptive

Open your mind and receive the messages being sent to you. If you see images, sudden emotions, or even sounds and smells, receive all these tiny details. You can then interpret them to mean something that your cat has communicated to you.

7. Trust Your Intuition

When you receive the images and feelings, trust your gut instinct. Do not question yourself or your cat, and don’t have any doubts. Just receive and interpret.

8. Thank Your Cat

Once you’ve communicated with your cat, thank her and close the conversation.

9. Be Patient

For some people, they can harness their cat telepathic ability within seconds. For others, it may take weeks, or for some, never.

So be patient as learning the skill or reviving it, rather, it is not the same for everyone. Give yourself some slack if you’re not receiving messages right away.

10. Spend More Quality Time with Your Cat

As a cat owner, you need to spend more quality time with your cat if you want to be able to communicate with her telepathically.According to pet psychics, having a strong bond with your cat will help you fine tune the telepathic channels that exist between you and your cat, so you can better communicate with each other.

The Bottom Line

The ability to “talk” to our cats without having to say anything helps us better understand them and vice versa. An improved relationship with your feline friend allows you to better take care of them, which is what all cat or animal lovers wish for themselves and their beloved pets.Cat telepathy is a great gift that any human can harness, and whether or not you regain this natural ability, the effort to relearn it already means you are a wonderful cat owner, to begin with.

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