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Cats need their own space to call their own. They are very territorial and often mark objects and spots they believe are theirs. This is why a safe room or area for your cat is needed in your home.

If you’re a new cat parent or you’re about to be, then this guide will help you create the perfect room for your feline friend.

Here are the basic things you’ll need:

1. Room or Space

If you have a spare room at home, this can make an excellent safe room for your cat. But if you don’t, other spots in the house will do just fine.

This can include a corner in your living room, space under the stairs, a small closet, or any spot in your home, preferably with a window.

The room’s flooring will also matter as you need a place that’s easy to clean for your cat setup. Tile or vinyl flooring is ideal.

2. Setup a Sleeping Area

Set up a sleeping area by placing a warm and comfy bed for your cat. They sleep anywhere between 12 to 16 hours a day, so they need a comfortable, quiet, and peaceful spot to sleep in.

There are many cat beds, from open beds to ones that have a semi-roof or shade or wholly enclosed beds with a window and exit. Cats love cozy spaces, and in the wild, they love sleeping in caves, so an enclosed bed will mimic their natural inclination to sleep in confined spaces.

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3. Prepare a Litter Box

Place a litter box in the room or the spot. Ensure it’s placed away from the bed, and you clean it frequently to prevent it from accumulating bacteria and developing a foul smell.

Some cats like enclosed litter boxes, as cats love curling up in small, enclosed spaces. Determine what kind of litter box your cat likes and place it in its safe room.

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4. Prepare Food and Water Bowls

Place your cat’s feeding bowl and water away from the bed and litter box. Cats are hygienic creatures and will not like it if their spot for peeing and defecating is near their place for eating.

Do not use plastic food and water dishes as some cats can be allergic to certain plastic materials. Use ceramic, wooden, or stainless steel bowls.

You can also use an automatic feeder where your cat receives meals simultaneously daily. If you work all day and leave your cat on its own, you’ll definitely need this device.

5. Setup Climbing Stations

Cats love to climb, so a cat tree or shelves on high perches are ideal for stimulating and entertaining your cat for hours. Felines are naturally playful and curious, so the more steps, the more frames, and the higher the climbing station is, the better.

You can also set up the climbing stations near a window, so your cat has a view of the outdoors. When they’re done playing and climbing, they can sit on a loft on the window and watch the day go by.

If the room or space doesn’t have a window, you can place a tablet on a wall where the screen will show outdoor scenes or even cartoons to keep your cat entertained.

6. Interactive and Traditional Toys

As mentioned, cats love to play, and filling their safe room with a collection of interactive and traditional toys will make your feline friend happy. Interactive toys are a great way to keep your cat’s mind active and stimulated, so even if you’re away, your cat won’t get bored on its own.

Traditional toys for cats that never fail to entice them include feather wands, string flings, and crinkly tunnels. Cats love feather wands as it gives them a feeling of chasing an actual bird or a mouse with a spring fling. When it comes to tunnels, cats love to play hide and seek and love the crinkling sound they make as they walk inside.

Cats need a lot of stimulation and entertainment, and a wide range of toys at their disposal will keep them busy and happy for hours.

7. Scratching Posts

Whether it’s to remove dead skin cells on their claws or they love the feeling of scratching on surfaces, your cat’s safe room must have a few scratching posts. Purchase a few in different varieties, such as horizontal or vertical posts. You can also purchase cat furniture with scratching poles on the side, preventing them from scratching on actual furniture.

These are the basics of a cat safe room, but the choice of decoration and add-ons are up to you. Some cat parents love to go all-out and decorate an entire room with cat-themed furniture and furnishings, or some create simple spots on corners with everything a kitty needs, plus an entire cat condominium.

However you want to make your cat’s safe room, it must be complete with everything your cat needs to sleep, eat, and play. If you have a multi-cat household, several cats can share one room, or you can also create individual spots for them.

If you’re bringing in a new cat, it must be vital that you separate it from the rest of the other cats first. If you can’t give it a separate room, you can place dividers or a fence around its safe spot to ensure other pets don’t invade its space.


Cats need a particular area in your home to call it their own. A bed, feeding bowls, and litter box are not enough, but you also need to provide it with toys and other cat furniture to keep it stimulated and entertained.

Give your cat a space of her own to make her happy and healthy. But aside from an excellent safe room, don’t forget to give your feline friend extra love, time, and most importantly, your attention.

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