do cats get headaches like humans

Have you ever wondered if cats can have a headache? Do our feline friends experience moodiness the same way as we do? Let’s talk about cats and what you can do if your pet starts behaving strangely.

What Is a Headache and Different Types?

Headache is a term used to describe any type of pain in the head or neck area. There are many different types of headaches, and they are separated into two categories — primary and secondary headaches.

Primary headaches are usually harmless, and they aren’t caused by some pre-existing condition. This includes migraines, clusters, and tension headaches. The second type of pain occurs caused by trauma, injury, and it is possible for them to be dangerous.

While some people may think that headaches are related to pain in the brain, the reality is a bit different. You see, there are no pain receptors in the brain, but this doesn’t apply to other parts of the head and neck.

Is It Possible for a Cat to Have Headaches?

Now, there are several problems that come with asking this question. As humans, we are able to communicate with other humans and tell them if we experience any type of pain. If someone has a headache, they will be able to explain the type of pain without any problems.

But the situation is a bit different for our feline friends. Firstly, cats have a tendency to avoid showing any type of pain, illness, or discomfort. Many believe that it is in their nature, and hiding any type of weakness seems a part of survival instinct. This means that determining whether a kitty has a headache will be quite challenging.

Some people go as far as to claim that it is impossible for a cat to experience a headache, but they are in the minority. What everyone agrees is that there is no way to determine whether cats experience it in the same way as we do.

How Can You Spot Signs That Your Cat Is in Pain

There are a couple of ways you can notice signs of pain if you study the behavior of your cat. If your feline is going through any type of trouble, there might be several things that will point out this type of problem.

Your cat might:

  • Become agitated
  • Start purring excessively
  • Have fever
  • Experience changes in breathing
  • Become lethargic
  • Have decreased appetite
  • Change its litter box behavior
  • Show changes in its grooming behavior

In general, any type of irregular behavior might be a sign of a problem. This is why you need to pay attention to what your kitty is doing so you can react on time and prevent further harm. Of course, if your cat does something weird every once in a while, you can assign it to a normal cat attitude.

How Can You Help Your Cat?

If your cat is experiencing pain or showing any type of strange behavior, you will need to react as soon as possible. The obvious solution would be to visit a vet since they will be able to tell if there is a health issue.

Another option is to try out a cat DNA test. Yes, it will help you learn more about your cat’s ancestors, but it also might explain the reasons why your cat is behaving the way it does. It is a simple method that you can try out at home, and there is a chance that you will be able to understand your cat better and get the necessary information about its health.

Sometimes, the necessary change might be a simple diet, and there is no reason to worry.

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