Buy Feline Pine Cat Litter via AmazonProblems with cat litter range from awful fragrances that work to mask odor, clouds of dust that form when you scoop or throw them out, and tracking that leaves your home with cat litter everywhere. Feline Pine Original Litter is one of the very few products in the market that solves all of these problems, giving you convenience and peace of mind, and making you pet cat’s life more comfortable.



1. Made of 100% Natural Pine

There are no chemicals, no fragrances, no deodorizers, and no additives to this cat litter – it’s simply made of 100% natural pine that comes from kiln-dried sawdust. No trees are cut in the production of these pellets since the sawdust used are reclaimed from lumber production, making it an environment-friendly choice.

2. Superior Odor Control

The product doesn’t use any chemicals or fragrances since pine naturally destroys odors, making your home smelling fresh. Feline Pine’s original litter does not clump, but instead, the pellets turn to sawdust when they come in contact with cat urine. Because there are no clumps of litter from urine, it greatly helps to reduce cat litter odor.

3. Reduced Tracking

The pine pellets are harder compared to regular clay litter, which greatly reduces tracking. They’re also larger than clay litter, so they don’t stick to your pet cat’s paws so easily.

4. Zero Dust

Cat litter dust can be dangerous to your health, as well as that of your pet cat’s. Contaminated litter, which are those that have come in contact with urine and feces, can cause a parasitic disease called toxoplasmosis. This disease is caused by parasites present in cat poo, which leads to flu-like symptoms and serious complications for pregnant women, as well as those who have weak immune systems. Feline Pine’s cat litter does not produce dust whatsoever, making it a healthier and cleaner choice.


  • Lightweight – Despite being made of wooden pellets, the litter is lightweight, making it easy to scoop out and replace.
  • Pine is Highly Absorbent – Cat urine has an awfully strong odor due to the presence of ammonia. The pine pellets are highly absorbent so urine doesn’t stay liquid, but are absorbed by the pellets where they become sawdust.
  • Soft Pine Pellets – They’re harder than clay litter but softer than most wooden pellets in the market. If you’re making the transition between different cat litter products, pellets that are soft to the touch will make it easier and faster for your pets to be comfortable.
  • Pet-Friendly – Since the litter is 100% natural, it’s pet-friendly with its lack of harsh chemicals and perfumes.
  • Allergen-Free – Natural pellets don’t contain any artificial ingredients, making it a healthier option for kitties and cat owners who are prone to allergies.


  • Sawdust Can Cause Tracking – Although sawdust settles on the bottom of the litter box or tray, hyperactive cats can still get sawdust on their paws, which can lead to tracking.
  • Strong Pine Odor – Pine odor is mostly pleasant for humans but are known to be repulsive for certain cats. Because of this, some cats may not like the litter’s odor.
  • More Compatible with Slotted Litter Boxes with a Tray – Because the pellets turn to sawdust, this litter is more compatible with slotted litter boxes where the sawdust is separated from the pellets to a tray at the bottom.

Who Is it Good For?

Feline Pine Original Litter is perfect for cat owners who have one or several cats at home. It’s 100% natural, making it a great option for cats who have respiratory problems, as well as for pet owners who have certain allergies. It doesn’t make use of deodorisers or fragrances but the pine reduces odor naturally, giving your home a pleasantly fresh pine odor.

This cat litter is also a great choice for cat owners who are environmentally conscious because it makes use of pine that are reclaimed from lumber production, which means they’re sustainable and does not cause damage to the environment.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a basic, good quality, and problem-free cat litter that cats love, then Feline Pine Original Litter has everything you’re looking for. It’s natural, solves most problems brought about by other products in the market, and easy on the environment.

A popular choice for many cat owners, it makes owning a pet cat much more convenient compared to using regular clay litter that most products are made of.

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