how to get rid of fleas on cats

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats? Fleas are the worst enemy your pet can have. Most visits to the vet are due to flea problems. They cause allergies, hair loss, vomiting, and anemia, loss of weight and appetite, skin irritation, diarrhea and in some cases death.It is a very serious problem for your cat, but there is hope.

The spot-on-flea medications are in vials or tubes and you put it on the back of your cat’s neck. These medications are very toxic and dangerous to your cat. It’s a pesticide and it goes into your cat’s skin and when they groom themselves, they are digesting it. It can cause cancer, renal failure, and other organ failures. It weakens your cat’s immune system causing a host of diseases and illnesses.

Home Remedies

flea Home Remedies for cats

Cedar Oil spray is an alternative and natural way to get rid of the fleas and ticks on your cat. It’s all-natural and kills fleas.

Mist your cat with the spray and use the flea comb to spread the cedar oil through his skin. Don’t saturate your cat in the Cedar Oil. It may take 2-3 flea treatments to kill all the fleas depending on how bad the fleas are.

Treat your home 

Be sure to vacuum the carpet and wash all the bedding. Borax will kill the fleas in your carpet and furniture. It is available in the laundry aisle at your local supermarket. Vacuum thoroughly, and then sprinkle Borax on carpet and furniture to cover.

Treat your home cat fleas

The ground in with a squeegee, dust mop or walking on it. Leave it until the next time you vacuum. Make sure you add the Borax in crevices, cracks, and corners, and clean your vacuum cleaner, and throw your vacuum bag in the trash.

How to Check Your Cat for Fleas

Your cat is scratching almost non-stop. She is miserable, cranky and anxious. You may notice her skin is irritated and red, or she has scabs from scratching. Imagine hundreds even thousands of these pesty creatures crawling in her skin all the time – laying eggs.

How to Check Your Cat for Fleas

Flea infestation – The fleas are biting your cat’s skin continuously. Fleas feed off the blood, so when they are biting, they are sucking your cat’s blood. If you look closely and rub the fur backward, you will probably notice the skin looking somewhat black. That is flea feces.

Flea Prevention Guide

  1. A better way to check is by filling a container with warm soapy water and running a flea comb through your cat. 
  2. Start at the top of her head and run the comb down to the end of her tail. 
  3. Make sure you comb under her neck, behind her ears and the base of her tail. 

You will find that most of the fleas have set up housing in those areas of her body, but you will see them everywhere on your kitty.A flea comb is a fine-toothed comb available at most pet supplies stores. It’s able to pick up flea dirt, flea eggs, and adult fleas. Use a paper towel or white paper under your cat and you will see all the black specks fall on the paper.Again, that’s flea feces. You will probably notice some live ones crawling on the paper. They are very hard to kill, so after taking a couple swipes through your kitty with the flea comb, dunk it in the soapy hot water (to kill the live fleas) and wipe it off and swipe the comb through her a few more times and keep repeating the process.

It does make your kitty feel better but you can’t get rid of the fleas doing this. It’s just a temporary relief.

The Solution for Cat Owners 

flea Solution for Cat Owners

1. Step

Purchase Aloe Vera Gel (make sure it’s 99% Aloe Vera) and rub it deep into her skin. You can dilute it with a little water and mix it up well. Do this 3 times a week for a month. It will help get rid of the scabs and the irritation to her skin that was caused by the fleas. The Aloe Vera will make her feel better and it’s very soothing. If she licks it off, that’s a good thing because Aloe Vera is very good for cats. You can also purchase George’s Aloe at most health food stores and add it to her drinking water. It’s tasteless.

2. Step

Continue to use the flea comb on your cat once daily for a month.

3. Step

Purchase Sodium Ascorbate Crystals to build up her immune system and to detox her. Give her 1/4 of the recommended dosage once daily. You can sprinkle it in her food or give it to her in a syringe or dropper. 

Start with a smaller dose for the first week and then add the normal dosage I just mentioned. Available at most health food stores. (NOTE: Do not give your cat ascorbic acid. It is rough on their stomach.)

4. Step

Buy Colloidal Silver – Give her 1/4 to 1/2 of the recommended adult dose daily. It will help with allergies, diseases, and will help rejuvenate her cells. Available at most health food stores.

5. Step

Get them vitamins and supplements – Just like us, cats needs the right nutrients in the right amount so they can achieve optimal health. By absorbing this information, you can get rid of the fleas. I have used natural products for 7 years. My cats are happy and healthy because I chose to treat them with natural remedies instead of all the harsh chemicals, bad commercial pet food, vaccines, conventional medication and they are worth it.I give most of the credit to Dr. Andrew Jones, who is one of the best holistic vets around. He has an online newsletter and several e-books on how to treat your pet at home naturally. He has a Free eBook “Healing Your Pets at Home” and he teaches you how to treat, diagnose and examine your cat at home.

If the problem still exist consult your veterinarian!

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