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By crossing a British Seal point Siamese with a black shorthaired cat a Havana Brown cat was derived. This was in the year 1950. Havana Brown cats are registered in England. Previously these cats were known as Chestnut brown foreign.

Body type

These felines are muscular yet graceful. The British variety of this small feline; resembles the Siamese feline a lot. Havana kittens; are quite like a ball of butter.


The coat of this small feline; exhibits sheen. The coat is, however, mediocre.


The color is on the whole tawny red or brown. The whiskers are of the same color as the coat. The color is such that it keeps the cat warm; when required. The nose is either brown or of a rosy hue. Havana kittens are very frail when born.


The body is mediocre and the rear and front legs are uniform in length. This gives the back a leveled appearance. The bottom line is that the body is quite muscular.

Average life span

The average lifespan of this breed is 12-15 years.


These breeds of small felines are well balanced bodily and the body is in perfect symmetry. Each visible anatomy can be easily be distinguished from the other. Havana Brown’s can be tamed and trained very easily.

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This breed is a hybrid one. So, it has traits that are mixed. There are authenticated proof that these cats existed in Europe and the UK in the 1800s. These felines are sometimes referred to as “Swiss Mountain Cat”.


The head of this breed of cat has a very distinctive appearance and unlike other cats; their ears are rounded. Their eyes are also very different from the rest of the felines; in that, they are oval in shape.

Traits, personality, and behavior

This small feline is a very affectionate creature. However, they love chewing wood and other similar items. So, if you have one of these cats as a pet; play safe with your wooden closet and expensive shoes. This breed also loves to play with its owner and so no special exercise to strengthen its muscles.

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Physical development

The size of the body is average and seldom exceeds beyond mediocre.

Looking after

This breed is a hail and hearty one and there is no need for any special diet. They require little or no grooming and they digest milk easily. Though, a bit of cleaning with a damp flannel cloth is required to maintain its glossy coat.

Keeping this cat as a pet is worth the while and those who have Havana brown as a pet would vouch for this fact. They are easy-going pets with the minimal of expenditure with the vet. In fact, a visit to the vet is required only in the initial stages of adoption.

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After this initial visit to the vet; there would seldom arise any medical issue which would require a visit to the vet. It is certain that you won’t regret keeping one of these small felines as a pet.

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