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The state of Maine; is famous for the Maine coon breed of felines. Incidentally, it happens to be the oldest breed in North America. It does not come as a surprise that there are many myths related to the Maine coon.

This feline came into the limelight in 1861; however, their glory was short-lived and they were soon overthrown by the Persian cats. However, when there was a decline in their popularity the largest Maine coon cat; got a lot of appreciation.


The fur of the feline is very supple and soft to touch.


This feline comes in almost every hue. If the feline is white in color then there is nothing like it. Though, chocolate and lavender are very popular. However, the most common one is of a brown hue. Nonetheless, dual-colored eyes are not considered as purebred. Hybridization also pays a vital role in the fur color pattern of a Maine coon.


Maine Coons happens to be the largest domestic felines around. Tomcats can weigh up to 17 lb (6 kgs) and the females weigh around 9 lb (4 kgs).

Average life span

If taken care of properly coon can live up to 14 years of age. Though, it all depends on the Maine coon cat breed.


The Maine coon happens to be a sturdy feline and can adapt to any sort of climate. Its fur is such that even torrential rainfall has little or no effect on its body temperature. This fur protects it in the snow also. In summers they can drench themselves and cool it off. This is a specialization of a Maine coon cat personality. Maine coon cat characteristics may differ from topography to topography.

maine coon kittens


Maine coon is a native of North America and the name of the State says it all. It has been domesticated recently; otherwise, it has been a wild cat. This Maine coon cat info needs to be known by its owners. There are many theories about its origins; according to one of the Marie Antoinette of France kept this cat with her when she was escaping the French revolution.

However, that may be the Americans consider the Maine coon is one of their national animals. Maine coon cat history; is still a baffling issue for many historians.


The head is long; whereas it should have been wider. The muzzle is not square and the nose and chin are not perpendicular to one another. The cheekbones are high and the eyes are round and very expressive. A Maine coon cat life is that of an aristocrat.

Traits, personality, and behavior

These felines take it easy in whatever they do and this helps to maintain a Maine coon cat weight. The male often behaves like a buffoon; however, the females show poise. They don’t show traits of being born predators; however, when the need arises they can prove to be excellent hunters.

Learn proper cat care!

Physical development

They are a large variety if domestic felines; this is reflected by the Maine coon cat food it is given.

Looking after

Looking after a Maine coon cat is not difficult; as they get easily adapt to whatever, they are trained in. They can even be trained to accept a leash.

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