Buy okocat Natural Wood Litter Long Hair Breeds Clumping via AmazonCat litter is probably the top necessity in your home if you have a pet cat, next to food, of course. Cat urine and poo can smell incredibly awful and disgusting, and cat litter solves the problem and allows your beloved pet to stay indoors and close to you and your family.

okocat’s natural wood litter is all-natural and comes from reclaimed timbers and lumber materials that are unused. They’re eco-friendly and free of any chemicals, dyes, scents, or any additives, making them a healthier and safer choice not just for your cats but for people in your home, too.

If you’re looking for an environment-friendly cat litter that does the job, okocat’s natural wood litter may just be the one for you and your cat. Let’s take a look at its features.

Okocat Natural Wood Litter Features


1. 100% Natural

The litter is made of natural pine wood, which is biodegradable. There are no artificial or chemical scents or dyes used on the pellets, making it a healthy choice especially for cats that have certain allergies.

2. Absorbs 5x Its Weight

okocat’s natural wood litter has superior absorbency, with the pellets being able to hold urine or waste up to 5 times its weight. The litter also stays dry longer compared to clay.

3. Stops Bacterial Growth

Coniferous wood naturally has anti-microbial effects, and can kill about 99.9% of bacteria, making the litter safe on your cat, as well as for your health when you finally scoop the litter out.

4. Odor Control for 7 Days

okocat uses natural pine’s ability to trap odor to get rid of awful urine and feces smell. Despite not having added scents, okocat’s litter absorbs strong odor due to its capillary system of natural wood fibers. What you get is a fresh natural wooden scent.


  • Creates Little to No Airborne Dust – Unlike its clay counterpart, okocat’s natural wooden pellets create no airborne dust, so there’s no inconvenience and hassle when you finally scoop them out of the litter box.
  • Chemical – Free – This benefit is extremely important for cats and cat pet owners who have constant allergies. The pellets are completely natural, making them a healthier option.
  • 100% Biodegradable – The pellets are flushable and compostable so you can flush them down the toilet, but in limited amounts, of course, since they do take some time to decompose.


  • Pellets are Large – Most users complain that the wooden pellets are hard to scoop, making it difficult to sift through and find the poo. Cats also have a tendency to play with the pellets, leading to frequent tracking. And if you accidentally step on one, it can be painful when you’re barefoot.
  • Some Cats Need Transition Time – Again, because the pellets are larger compared to regular cat litter, cats take some time getting used to them on their litter box, with some not even wanting to pee or poo on them.
  • Does Not Eliminate Poo Smell Very Effectively – Some users have reported that although okocat’s wooden pellets are successful at getting rid of urine smell, it’s not so effective on poo smell.

Who Is It Good For?

okocat’s natural wood litter is perfect for any cat owner who’s looking for an eco-friendly cat litter that prevents allergies and is healthy on the environment. Made of fallen timbers and unused lumber materials, the wooden pellets are authentically sustainable and renewable, making it the perfect choice for anyone who’s environmentally conscious.

This cat litter is made for cats with long furs because it clumps up easily and doesn’t stick to hair, making them perfect for long-haired cats.

And lastly, although okocat’s natural wood litter are large, they do serve a purpose that regular clay litter can’t offer – providing cat litter that’s ideal for injured or wounded cats. Regular clay litter can get inside the wounds of an injured paw or any part of a cat’s body, making the injury worse. In cases like this, okocat’s large wooden pellets are the most ideal kind of cat litter.

The Bottom Line


okocat’s natural wood litter is a great choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly cat litter for their pet. It’s natural with no chemicals whatsoever, making it a healthy choice. The large wooden pellets have natural abilities that make it an effective litter – has high absorbency, naturally gets rid of odor, and kills bacteria. However, because of their large size, they do have their disadvantages, such as tracking and not sifting well when scooped.

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