sphynx cat


Also known as Canadian Hairless cat the hairless Sphynx cat was born in 1966 to domestic shorthair cat in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In mid 1970 the Sphynx breeding was undertaken in a big way in United States and Netherlands.

Body type

The sphynx hairless cat breeds are quiet robust and are medium sized cats with long tail and neck. These hairless cats are muscular with a sturdy bone structure. These cats have small head and large ears. Sphynx cats have a small belly or a paunch which gives the impression that they have just finished having their dinner.


Sphynx cats are completely hairless breed. These cats may not be totally hairless and can have some fine hairs down their body which make them appear like warm hot water bottles. Some light colored hair may also be present in their nose, toes and tails.


Bald cats can come in variety of colors and pattern which can be observed as the pigmentation on their skin or appear as different colored fine hairs on different parts of the body.


Hairless Sphynx cats are muscular cats with a pot belly where the adult male appears to be bigger than adult females

Average life span

The sphynx breed can have average life span of about 15-20 years.


Sphynx fur less cats are a result of natural mutation and are known by their chest which is barrel shaped, long limbs and hairless or almost hairless bodies. These cats are perfect companions for those suffering from usual cat allergies.

The hairless Sphynx cats can come in different patterns likes points, stripes or patches. This is one of the rare breeds of cats that are mainly bred in countries like America and Netherlands.

what is a sphynx cat


Sphynx history could be traced back to 1966 when the first hairless kitten was born to a domestic cat in Toronto, Canada. Born as a result of genetic mutation, the reason for selective breeding was to produce furless cats that were robust, had sound genetics and have a cat with minimum health problems.


The sphynx breed are hairless cats which have muscular body and long legs with very small paws. These cats can have pointed, patched or striped body and have small head with large ears. These cats can have almost invisible fine fur and whiskers. Although the absence of fur may give these hairless cats delicate look but these are quiet a sturdy breed.

Traits, personality and behavior

Sphynx cats are known for their inquisitive loving nature and always like to be the center of attention. These hairless cats sometimes behave clumsy just to appear funny or to draw the attention of the owner.

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Physical development

The sphynx breeders usually provide hairless kittens 12-16 weeks after they are born and once their inoculation is complete.

Looking after

Sphynx care include regular body bathing and cleaning of ears as due to the absence of body hair these hairless cats absorb more body oils.

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