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Tabby domestic shorthair cats are one of the oldest pet cats to have been around. There are references for the presence of tabby cats in the mid 17th century which were owned by Archbishop of Canterbury which was a big cat lover.

Body type

Tabby shorthair cats not only have short coats but they also are small cats with small legs and paws and an equally small tail.


Tabby shorthair has a short coat that often becomes thicker during winters. These cats have a distinctive pattern like dots, swirls or stripes


Shorthair tabbies come in the same colors as tabby Persians like red, cream, silver, blue, cameo, cameo cream, brown and blue cream. Most of these cats have bright green or flaming copper-colored eyes.


These are small-sized cats and appear to be slim because of their short coats. Shorthair tabbies males are heavier than their female counterparts.

Average life span

Tabby shorthair has an average lifespan of about 15-20 years.


Shorthair tabbies are believed to have been brought to England by the Romans. These easy-going cats are excellent companions and preferred housemates as they don’t require extensive grooming.

The popularity of Tabby shorthair grew after the Second World War Most of the domestic shorthair tabby has a distinctive M marked on their forehead. Silver tabby shorthair appears as a brand ambassador for many of the popular cat food brands (what is best wet food for cats) in the UK.

what is a tabby cat


The documentary evidence shows the presence of the beautiful tabby shorthair cats right at the beginning of the 17th century where this cat was owned by Archbishop of Canterbury.

Some also believe that these cats were initially found in the Attibah District of Baghdad where their patterns inspired carpet weavers to come up with beautifully crafted carpets that were sold by the name “tabbi” which is the reason behind these domestic shorthair cats being called tabby.


The most distinctive feature of tabby shorthair is the presence of M on their foreheads. These shorthair tabbies are known for their broad head and wide-set eyes. These cats also have widely spaced ears which are of medium size. The neck is medium-sized and is in proportion to the body and these shorthair tabbies have tapered tails that are wide at the base. These cats have a short coat that tends to become thicker in winter.

Traits, personality, and behavior

Playful affectionate and not terribly demanding is how the pet owners define their short hair tabbies. The shorthair tabbies prefer staying indoors and love to laze around in the homes when the owner is out.

Learn how to take care of them!

Physical development

Not much is known about the physical development of tabby shorthair cats.

Looking after

Tabby shorthair doesn’t require much grooming as their hair doesn’t get matted because of the short coat. However, as these cats prefer staying indoors special care should be taken related to their diet as they have the tendency to gain weight.

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