tabby persian cat


Tabby Persian Cat, the most extrovert type of Persian cats and are believed to have been originated from the beautiful oriental Persian cats and were first seen around in the end of the 19th century.

Body type

These cats like other Persian varieties are known for their stout body, big head and small cute ears

Coat Colors

They have a coat made up of long silky hair that gives this cat a massive appearance. They have coats in three different patterns, classic, patched and mackerel. The patched tabby Persians has red-colored patches on top of mackerel or classic coats.

Class one is known by a Bull eye’s mark present on one side of their body while mackerel pattern appear like circular pencil linings giving the tabby Persians an appearance of a jungle.

Colors and Patterns

Though red Persian and cream Persians are the most common other popular colors include silver, blue, cameo, cameo cream, brown Persians and blue silver Persians. All tabby Persians have bright copper-colored eyes except for silver Persian that have hazel or green colored eyes.


Tabby Persians are essentially medium-sized cats that appear to be bigger because of their flowing coat

Average life span

Tabby Persians like other members of its breed have an average life of about 10-15 years.


Tabby Persians are one of the most fun-loving varieties of Persian cats known for their love for outdoors. These cats are known for their beautifully patterned tabby coats which can come in three different variations patched, mackerel and classic. Tabby Persians make excellent home companions.

tabby persian


There are lots of stories surrounding the origin of these lovely cats, while some legend says that these cats were result of a spark that flew from a wizards wand most others give credit to modern-day Iran for presenting the world with these great beauties. Lots of experimentation gave birth to the modern-day tabby Persian was the first kitten with short massive body and lovely face to red tabby Persians in 1920.

Traits, personality, and behavior

Tabby Persians unlike other Persian cats are fun-loving creatures and are total extroverts. These beautiful creatures are outgoing and equally interested in showing their affection to their owners.

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Physical development

Not much is known when the tabby markings start appearing on the tabby Persian kittens but they are usually made available to the pet owners usually after 15 weeks when they have become physically and socially stable.

Looking after

Tabby Persian like other Persian beauties has long coats that require regular brushing and bathing to maintain its beauty and preventing the hairs from getting entangled.

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