tortoiseshell persian cat


The first tortoiseshell Persian was registered by Mrs. F Thomkins in London in the year 1908 and is believed to have been produced by crossbreeding red, blue and cream Persian cats.

Body type

Tortoiseshell Persians are known for their regal appearance, for they may be shortest of the Persian cats but they carry themselves with elegance and grace. These cats have stout bodies.


Tortoiseshell long hair cats have beautifully patterned coats of long silky hair.


Typical tortoiseshell Persians have a coat that is a beautiful patchwork of red and black that is randomly mixed giving it an appearance of a beautiful mosaic tiles. The other common tortoiseshell color is blue cream, lilac cream, and chocolate which is mixed with red and black.


Tortoiseshell Persians are smallest of the Persian cats but can appear to be larger because of their long coats

Average life span

Tortoiseshell Persians like other members of its breed have an average life of about 10-15 years.


Tortoiseshell Persians are a breed with a unique feature, only female cats are produced in a litter and even if a male is born then they are usually sterile and therefore for reproduction Tortoiseshell needs to be mated with a cat of different colors.

If there is a difference in their appearance with respect to other cats of the same breed, Tortoiseshell’s long hair also has a different temperament. They are more demanding and can easily make their presence felt in any show by occupying the prized cushions.

tortishell persian cat


The first Tortoiseshell Persian was brought to notice by the breeder Mrs. F Thompkins that registered her blue vixen with CFA in 1908. Tortoiseshell Persians are believed to have been produced by crossbreeding blue, cream and red Persians in the past.

As there has been no reference for these cats being brought to England some even believed these cats to have been developed as a result of breeding between black Persians and mongrel tortoiseshells.


These tortoiseshell Persian cats have regal structures. These are probably the shortest of all the Persian cats but then they are no wilting floors and can always make their presence felt. There beautiful tri-colored coats and blazing eyes in the shades of copper and orange always catches people’s attention.

Traits, personality, and behavior

Tortoiseshell Persian cats have a regal bearing and are more sturdy than the other types of Persian cats. Tortoiseshell long hair likes to be the center of attraction and at times they can be really demanding. These cats are unusually bright and eager to show off whatever they have learned.

How to care for a cat!

Physical development

Tortoiseshell kittens are born by mating Tortoiseshell female with solid-color cats. No tortoiseshell coloring is visible in the initial days but special marking start appearing after the initial few months.

Looking after

Tortoiseshell Persians like other Persian beauties have long coats that require regular brushing and bathing (learn to groom a cat) to maintain its beauty and preventing the hairs from getting entangled.

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