cat plays with toilet paper

So you need to do Number Two, and the moment you open the bathroom door, Yikes! Your toilet paper is all over the bathroom floor, torn to pieces and under it all is your beloved pet kitty.

You gasp in annoyance and shriek to your cat’s dismay. And now, you don’t even want to do Number Two anymore because you’re so mad at your cat.

Why do cats love to play with toilet paper? Whether it’s your kitty’s first time to shred your toilet rolls to pieces or this is the nth time, it’s a major headache each and every time.

Why does she do it and what can you do to make her stop?

Let’s understand why your cat loves to play with a roll of toilet paper and what must be done so the next time you need to go to the bathroom, you can do so without any problems.

Why Do Cats Play with Toilet Paper?

Cats seem to love playing with toilet paper and shredding them to pieces. Is it because toilet paper is soft? Or is it because it rolls and rolls offering endless fun and entertainment? What is it about toilet paper that makes cats love playing with them so much?

Let’s take a look at some possible causes of this animal behavior:

1. Genetics

Cats are natural hunters. In the wild, they hunt for food, such as rodents and other small animals. They love catching small prey and anything small that moves. When it comes to toilet paper, they may think the end of the toilet paper that moves with the breeze is an invitation to attack.

Cats are naturally wired to respond to movement, as they are naturally blessed with a keen sense of sight and hearing to detect prey. So when your cat starts to touch the hanging toilet paper and it starts to roll, it can be exciting for cats and could be a fun game to them. The more the toilet paper rolls, the more they enjoy, and it simply provides fun and entertainment.

2. Excess Energy

Cats need stimulation. Certain types of cats such as the Bengal and the Abyssinian are highly active and need constant stimulation to keep up with their energy levels. Playing with toilet paper could be a sign from your cat that she needs more playtime and stimulation.

If they are bored, they will look for things to do, and playing with toilet paper could be one thing they can do to expend their energy. Plus, it’s also really fun to watch a toilet paper roll and unravel more paper.

3. Nature of Toilet Paper

Cats are naturally curious and the nature of toilet paper is soft and smooth could attract your pet kitty’s attention. At first, they may only be curious but then when they touch it, they realize that it’s actually soft and smooth, and cats love soft objects. And when the toilet paper rolls, giving them entertainment, they’re more likely to repeat the behavior because it gives them a positive experience.

What To Do To Make Your Cat Stop Playing with Toilet Paper

Though it’s completely fine for cats to play with toilet paper as it is not toxic to them if they ingest it, the habit can be annoying and it costs money.

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So what can cat owners do to make your cat stop this behavior? Here are some tips:

1. Keep Your Bathroom Door Closed

Prevent your cat from playing with toilet paper by keeping your bathroom door closed. Basically, you need to prevent your cat from accessing your toilet paper. Aside from keeping your bathroom door closed, you can also place your toilet paper at a height that your cat can’t reach, or use an enclosed toilet paper holder.

2. Provide More Stimulating Toys

One of the reasons your cat may be interested in playing with your toilet paper is because she may be bored. By providing her with more stimulating toys that expend her energy, she won’t be lurking around your home looking for something else to do.

You can give her food puzzles or wand toys, and other stimulating activities.

3. Give Her More Playtime

Set aside at least 20 minutes of playtime per day. When cats destroy household items, it could be a message from your cat that she needs attention.

4. Place a Cat-Repelling Odor in Your Bathroom

There are certain kinds of smells that cats hate. You can use an air freshener that contains citrus or eucalyptus oil since cats hate this smell. You can also use candles and other fragrances that contain citronella, aloe, oil of wintergreen, or any citrus scent in your bathroom to deter your cat from entering the bathroom.

What To Watch Out For

While it’s completely safe for your cat to play with toilet paper, ingesting too much toilet paper can cause a digestive obstruction in your cat’s stomach. Small amounts of toilet paper are fine as they can easily expel it in their stool but too much can be dangerous.

Watch out for symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, and weakness in your cat when she’s ingested a considerable amount of toilet paper. Your vet can provide a diagnosis and treatment for the obstruction.


It’s completely safe for cats to play with toilet paper but should she? The answer is no because the behavior causes pet owners to stress and it also costs money. While toilet paper is not toxic for cats to eat, it’s always better to correct undesirable behavior in your cat before it becomes a habit.

By putting a bad aroma, closing your bathroom door, or giving your car more toys to play with, you can deter your cat from playing with toilet paper and you can once again do Number Two without any hiccups.

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