cream british shorthair


This breed of cats originated in Rome and is a descendant of the cats brought from Great Britain. These cream British shorthairs were later interbred with wild cats and were fist shown in a fair in the year 1871. Somewhere in the 1940s, their popularity dwindled.

However, their popularity soared after the end of World War II. This was so because the breeding programs were made rigorous after the war. British Cream cat is very different from other felines.

Body type

This variety of small feline has a round head, podgy cheeks. In fact, the body also round and very sturdy. The shoulders are broad and muscular; the tail however, is not bushy. Since the legs should match the body structure; they are obviously short. The chest of this breed also happens to be cavernous. British Shorthair cats are born very chubby and cute.


The coats of Cream shorthairs are gruff and coarse. They tend to get split ends easily. In other words they need to be taken care of in an organized way. If it happens to be the other way round; then it may prove fatal for the feline. A Cream tabby is a very cute creature; however, in the initial stages, it requires; a whole lot of affection.


There are various hues in a cream shorthair and a cream kitten is famous for its eyes; as they appear golden or copper often.


Both the genders of cream shorthairs are light in weight. The male seldom exceeds 15 kilograms and the female is about 7 kilograms.

Average Life Span

On the whole; if cream shorthair felines are taken care of well; then they can live up to 20 years of age. A tabby shorthair; is susceptible to gastritis on most occasions, so precautions need to taken in their diet.


The British variety or breed of Shorthairs on the whole is easy to tame and they thrive well indoors. In other words; they can be easily reared in an apartment; although, they would make known their disgust in no uncertain terms. If they feel like frolicking; then they would make certain that they are allowed to do so.

What do you do when you bring new cat home!

british shorthair cream


The history of cream shorthair is quite interesting and they arrived in Australia; as recent as 1968. A blue breeding pair was imported and today its population is flourishing in Australia. A shorthair breed is a breed to reckon with.


The fur or coat of a cream shorthair is coarse; nonetheless, it feels gentle to touch; this because the texture of the hair is such naturally. In other words; little or no care required in maintaining its coat. This goes for the cream female as well.

Traits, personality, and behavior

This cat breed is good for 9 to 5 people. They’ll laze around in the house when you are out at work or partying. They make excellent companions for other pets; however, they don’t going solo as well.

Incidentally, they happen to be very patient and enduring felines; moreover, they vibe well with small children. They don’t happen to boisterous like other cats and are certainly not destructive.

Learn to take care of them!

Physical development

They grow not more an average medium size.

Looking after

Since, their coat is such; that they don’t require much grooming. However, in the periodical shedding of hair; a bit of brushing on a regular basis is required. Since, they are storky in stature; they can easily be victims of obesity.

So, particular care should be taken in their diet; if it happens to be otherwise, then other complications are bound to occur.

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