cat scratching the door

Is your cat always scratching your door? The behavior is more than just annoying; it’s also destructive. If you find your cat doing this behavior more often than you’d like, then it’s time to do something about it.

Fortunately, there are simple and inexpensive ways you can stop your cat from scratching the door. In this guide, we’ll talk about why your cat is showing this behavior and what you can do to make it stop.

Why is Your Cat Scratching the Door?

Before we talk about how to make your cat stop this behavior, we have to understand why. Knowing the cause of the behavior can help find the solutions to making the behavior stop.

Here are three possible reasons why your cat is scratching your door:

1. Territorial

Cats are territorial, and scratching your door may be their way of marking their territory. Cats may believe your bedroom or the space behind the door is theirs. So when you close the door behind them or block their access to the room, they will scratch the door to make you open the door. It can be a way of calling your attention because they need to be inside your bedroom or the room behind the door they’re scratching.

2. Separation Anxiety

If your cat is used to being around you and you close your door, it may be your cat’s way of telling you they want to be with you. This can happen if your cat is used to sleeping in your room or when you’re about to use the bathroom.

This can also happen if you just moved into a new home and your cat is anxious if you place its bed outside your room. Or if your cat is used to being with you all the time and you leave to go to work or do errands.

3. Your Cat is Bored

Cats are naturally active and playful, and if you’re tired and want to get some shut-eye during the day, it can be a way for your cat to express its boredness.

When your cat is scratching your door, it can mean several things are bothering them. To make them stop, you can try a few things.

6 Ways to Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your Door

Here are six ideas to make your cat stop this destructive behavior:

1. Spray Cat-Deterrent Oils on Your Door

Cats hate the smell of some essential oils, such as rosemary, citrus, and cinnamon. You can spray a mixture of these oils on your door to prevent your door from getting near it.

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2. Make Your Doors Unattractive

Place a few things on your doors that can make cats stay away. Putting double-sided tape on the bottom part of your door can make your cat stay away as they hate things that stick.

You can also put aluminum foil, bubble wrap, or cardboard to deter your cat from the door. This method may make your door look ugly, but it can be an effective way to make your cat stay away.

If you don’t like sticking things on your door, you can also put an object that can prevent your cat from getting near it. You can place a bucket of water, a tray of rocks, or any object that can prevent your cat from getting near your door.

3. Tire Your Cat Out Before Bedtime

You can tire out your cat before bedtime to help it sleep. Play with your cat before bedtime or give it some engaging toys so by slumber time, your cat is also sleeping rather than going about the house when you’re in deep slumber.

4. Try Giving Your Cat Catnip

If you don’t want to make your door unattractive or you can’t play with your cat until it gets tired, you can try giving it catnip. Catnip is an herb that can make cats relax, make them mellow, and stay quiet. You can buy dried catnip at any pet store, herb shop, or farmer’s market.

You can also try commercial pheromone spray to help calm your overactive kitty.

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5. Make Your Cat Comfortable and Happy

A stressed cat can be a cause of expressing destructive behavior. Make sure your cat is happy and comfortable, so it’s not stressed. Give your cat a warm and cozy bed, a clean litter box, give it a complete and balanced diet, give your cat toys, and make sure you give it enough attention and playtime.

6. Buy Scratching Posts

If your cat likes to scratch, purchase a few scratching posts and place them in your house, where your cat usually displays its destructive behavior. Don’t just buy one but buy a few pieces and place them near windows to have a view.

Buy a variety of posts, such as vertical, horizontal, and tall enough to become a challenge so they can dispense their extra energy.

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If all else fails, and you’re not getting enough sleep at night due to your cat’s scratching behavior, you can buy a cat cage where your cat can stay overnight. Make the cat cage as comfortable as possible with a soft bed, a litter box, and toys.


A cat scratching a door is expected behavior in felines, but it doesn’t mean cat owners should tolerate it. It’s more than just annoying; it can destroy your door and keep you up at night if your cat does it when you sleep.

Your cat may be calling your attention, stressed, anxious, or simply wants to be with you. The good news is that with a few tips, you can easily deter these behavioral issues, finally sleep in peace, and protect your door from being ruined.

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