White Persian Cat


Known as the most popular type of show cats white Persian cats were first found in Persia or modern-day Iran especially the areas surrounding Mesopotamia around 1871.

Body type

White Persian cats like other Persian breeds have medium to large bodies that appear to be well rounded because of their long coat. White long hair cat has a beautiful face and is known to have small round legs and fluffy ears.


White Persian cats are known for their long hair coat.


White Persian cats have shiny white coat color made up of long hairs and can sometimes have a coat made up of hair having silver touches give this cat an ethereal appearance.


White Persian cats are essentially medium-sized cats that appear to be bigger because of their flowing coat

Average life span

These white long hair cats have an average life of about 10-15 years.


White Persian cats are one of the most popular breeds of cat that is preferred by people because of their soft silky coat of long hairs and lovely face with a snub nose giving them a doll-like appearance.

However, these are high maintenance cats and require a lot of attention to keep them in good health. Pure white long hair cats are a rarity and are known for their amazing beauty.

persian cat white


White Persian cats first appeared on the scene in the early 1870s in the Mesopotamia region of Iran where they were noticed for the amazing beauty because of absolutely white long hair coat.

Traits, personality, and behavior

These cats are an affectionate creature who demands a lot of attention. White Persian cats like to be the center of attraction and like to cuddle and be the connoisseur of all eyes

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Physical development

White Persian kittens appear to be like ball of wool or snow at birth. White Persian cats develop dense coats in initial few months and are usually available for sale 12-16 weeks after they are born.

Looking after

This white long hair cat requires a lot of care and attention to maintain its delicate beauty. The daily care includes brushing of their coat to remove any tangles. These white Persian cats should be regularly bathed and then should be carefully dried.

These cats should also be regularly checked for polycystic kidney diseases or eye disease on a regular basis.

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