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Rolling & Jumping Cat Ball



  • Soft TPU and ABS material, reduce the noise effectively
  • Two Running Modes (Normal & Active)
  • Intelligent induction start-up
  • Automatic 360° direction change
  • Unique hook design
  • Works for 5h on one charge
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The World’s Smartest Rolling & Jumping Cat Ball

360° Degree Self Rotating Ball – Stimulate Hunting Instinct

pet cat toy
The smart jumping ball can consume the cat’s excess energy and prevent the cat from damaging the home.

Can be used for Cats and Dogs!

  1. Intelligent induction start-up
  2. Colorful led light
  3. Two running modes
  4. USB charging
  5. FUN for the whole family

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Intelligent induction start-up & 2 Running Modes

Just roll the ball and it will start working. You can choose between normal and active mode!

interactive jumping cat toy

With Jumping Ball your cat will be more active

This ball can consume the cat’s excess energy and prevent the cat from damaging the home.

best jumping cat toy
jumping cat toy

Safe & Soft Material

Environmental soft TPU and ABS material, reduce the noise effectively.

diy cat toy

Unique hook design

Suitable for a variety of accessories. Make it convenient for the owner to DIY according to his pet’s preferences.

USB charged cat toy

USB Charging

600mAh built-in battery, fully charged (charging 3h) can be used for 5 hours.

bouncing cat toy


  • Safe material - Made of environmentally friendly ABS material, safe and non-toxic, wear-resistant and fall-resistant, anti-grab and anti-bite.
  • Two Running Modes - Normal and active mode, suitable for all cats and small dogs
  • Unique hook design - Suitable for a variety of accessories for the owner to DIY according to his pet's preferences
  • USB cable is provided to charge the ball. The USB interface is built inside the shell to avoid damage by chew and water, 3 hours recharging can last 5 hours working continuously, the products need to be turned on and off manually.
  • Irregular rolling with LED color changing lamp. The self - rotating cat toy will keep your pet busy and get them up and moving. Get more exercise for indoor cats when they try to catch the moving ball, If sometimes it only rotates and cannot move, it may be due to resistance, you can manually push it, he can rotate and move on the line.
  • The ball rolls best on the hard floor, might not roll well on the thick carpet, please purchase with attention, doesn't work well on vinyl planks
  • The built-in centrifugal rolling device, when colliding with walls, chairs, doors, etc., the ball will automatically change direction, no need to worry, Under normal circumstances, its speed is not very fast, pets can catch it, Interactive cat feather mouse tail toy accessory attract cats/dogs chasing for some exercise
  • For dogs - If you use it for your dog, we recommend the use without the accessories
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