White Shorthair Cat


White shorthair domestic cats are believed to have been developed from the long-haired Persian with the same teddy bear look and soft voice but shorter coats. Some white shorthair cats are also a result of breeding British shorthair and American shorthair with Persian cats.

Body type

White shorthairs are pedigreed cats with athletic built and a large lean body.


White shorthaired cats have a short coat that is easy to manage and maintain. Their coats may become thicker in winters.


As the name suggests these are pure white cats with blue or sea-green eyes.


These are small-sized cats and appear to be slim because of their short coats.

Average life span

White shorthair cats have an average lifespan of about 15-20 years.


White shorthair cats are beautiful creatures known for their thick luscious coat of short hairs. They have a same pansy face as the long hair Persian breeds from which they have originated but have a more snub nose giving them an appearance like a cute teddy bear.

These creatures are considered to be an exotic beauty because of their bright blue or blue-green eyes set in a snow-white head. White domestic shorthair cats are preferred by cat lovers as they require less grooming due to shorthairs.

grey and white cat


White shorthair has been believed to have originated by cross-breeding long-haired Persian cats. To make these cats sturdier and well balanced in the early 1960s these cats were then bred with American shorthair, British shorthair, and even Russian Blue cats. But the present-day white shorthair cats are developed using only Persian cats.


White shorthair cats have athletic built and large limbs. These creatures are truly beautiful with a plush coat of white shorthairs which sometimes have a silvery sheen giving them an ethereal appearance.

These white domestic shorthair cats have a well-rounded head and a heavily boned structure which makes these cats well balanced. White shorthairs are known for big round eyes placed well in a large head.

Traits, personality, and behavior

White cat breeds are extremely affectionate housemates and leap at you the moment you return back from work. They like to cuddle to their owners and have an attention-seeking attitude.

Learn to take care of them!

Physical development

Usually, white domestic shorthair cats are made available by the breeder after 12-16 weeks of the birth of the kitten when they have become physically stable and can adapt themselves to the social changes.

Looking after

White short hair doesn’t require much grooming as their hair doesn’t get matted because of the short fur. However as these cats prefer staying indoors special care should be taken related to their diet as they have the tendency to gain weight.

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